Sep 27 2009

Limit Your Exposure To Cell Phone Radiation

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I found this site very useful when I was looking for a sar figures of my mobile phone. I decided to share this information with you.

Source: Environmental Working Group –

Four billion people around the globe own cell phones. As the market for new devices has grown, so have concerns about the safety of cell phone radiation.

Recent studies find significantly higher risks for brain and salivary gland tumors among people using cell phones for 10 years or longer. The state of the science is provocative and troubling, and much more research is essential.

We at Environmental Working Group are still using our cell phones, but we also believe that until scientists know much more about cell phone radiation, it’s smart for consumers to buy phones with the lowest emissions.

The U.S. government ought to require cell phone companies to label their products’ radiation output so that consumers can do the numbers at the point of sale.

It doesn’t, so EWG has created this user-friendly interactive online guide to cell phone emissions, covering over 1,000 phones currently on the market.

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Sep 17 2009

Source for Information about HCommerce

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HCommerce is an industry who tries to steal your personal information and damage your credit or empty your bank account etc.

McAffe has a very informative site about how to prevent HCommerce.

There are six episodes at the site. Those topics are:

– HCommerce history
– The trap is set
– Caught in the web
– Help is on the way
– Ending the scam
– Moving forward

I suggest you to go to the site and watch these episodes before hacked by someone and be a victim of them.

Thanks go to McAffe.

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