Feb 09 2012

Design and Marketing = Mutewatch

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I will talk about a watch called “mutewatch” showing how important design and marketing is in the lifecycle of a product.

I learned about mutewatch approximately two months ago from a writing of Steve Wozniak, one of the founders of Apple, in which he was telling about the technical devices he was using. When I tried to find out how to get it, I understood, that it was not that easy. It is not sold in Turkey and even not in abroad, you cannot get it from everywhere. If I order it over the Internet, it will be stuck at the customs clearance because of its price. Although I did not deem likely, my dear wife, who went to abroad, bought the watch and brought it to me.

Mutewatch is a company located in Stockholm, Sweden. Last year, they have brought to market a watch bearing their company name. In fact, the company Mutewatch is a company, which brings to market diverse products with different designs. Wristwatch is just one of them.

The feature of the watch is: if you touch its display or move your wrist, it shows you the time. It has a battery, which enables the operation of the watch for a period of one week to ten days. You can charge it over any usb connection. It has no features such as calendar, chronometer, which 90% of the users benefit from.

The purpose of Mutewatch is to present a technological tool, which enables you to live daily in a certain plan. For this purpose, you can set five different alarms. With the timing of the alarm, the wristwatch vibrates on your arm without any sound. Thus, in a meeting it reminds you when you have to finish off the meeting without alerting others. Or when you have to get up in the morning, you do not disturb others in the location with the sound of the alarm. In fact, who cares about when you have to get up or where you have to be at what time!

With reference to other features of the design, it looks like an ordinary plastic accessory, bracelet on your wrist. It is available in the colours grey, white and red. I read, that those starting to use it, try to get every colour.

Also on my wrist, it draws the attention. I often get the question “What is this? What type of a device is it? How does it work?. Somebody even said: “A very marginal watch”;)

According to me, Mutewatch shows me the following: If you re-appear with a known concept, combined by a different design and approach, a little bit imagination and production techniques; if you promote the product in an indirect manner to one or more than one people, who are popular, you may sell more than you expect.

Hats off to Mutewatch. Congratulations for bringing this kind of device to the market. Well done.

PS: At first, I wrote this article for Turkish monthly Telecom Magazine called Telepati in Turkish on February 2012 issue. Then, I wanted to share this in English. You can find Turkish version in my Turkish blog click here.

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